Mystical, Magical BALI: A Meditation Retreat

March 12-22, 2018


Meditating at Tanah Lot.pngBali, the paradise Island of 10,000 Temples, has a unique magical and mystical allure and is the love of international communities from all around the world. Several of my friends warned me this past spring while I was planning my first trip, "nobody goes to Bali just once - you will return."  I was skeptical.  I've traveled in 27 countries, including Costa Rica, Belize, Greece, and all over Europe, and prefer trying new places when planning my vacations.  To my amazement, she was right!  During my first day, I was overcome by a peacefully ecstatic spell and I knew I would be back.  No place has energized me, deepened my meditation practice, or touched my soul as deeply as Bali. I love it so much, that I want to share it with you!  Join me in a Mystical, Magical BALI: A Meditation Retreat, March 12-22, 2018.  Beware!  If you join me on this retreat adventure, you will want to keep coming back.


What is there to love? Bali's natural beauty is unsurpassed with lush tropical jungles and forests, active volcanoes, stunning cliffs, black and white sand beaches, rivers, exotic fauna, birds, and wildlife. Bali has an abundance of rare archeological treasures and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including terraced rice fields that utilize a traditional ecologically sustainable irrigation system from the 9th century that has been passed down through generations of farmers.

The Balinese emphasis on beauty is seen in their highly developed arts, including dance, music, sculpture, painting, wood carvings, floral arrangements, fruit carving, masks and puppets, batik and other woven textiles, landscaped gardens, fountains, architecture, leather and metal crafting.   Creating beauty that is inspired by nature is seen by the Balinese as a spiritual practice. 

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Daily Balinese life is bustling in markets and villages. The preserved Hindu culture is reflected in peaceful meditation gardens, thousands of ornate temples, the sacred rituals and ceremonial customs that can be seen daily, and in the serene expressions of the people.


One of the yoga and meditation teachers, Antonio Abbagnano, with whom I studied in Bali during my recent retreat, moved from Italy to Bali eight years ago and has stated on his website:

Procession.jpg"Bali has been a centre for healing and art for centuries and attracts some of the most avant-garde thinkers in the world. Ubud is a world class model of community living which sets an example worthy of notice. The spiritual energy of Bali is unique, with prayers and offerings being conducted every day, 24/7. The enormous power of the volcano that Ubud sits on is ever present with a vortex yet to be fully opened and many are surprised by its powers of manifestation within minutes of arrival. Bali really is a magical island!"


Bali is a rare jewel and has a magical allure that you simply must experience.  No wonder it is called "Paradise of the Gods!"


On this retreat, you will enjoy Balinese accommodations in gorgeous settings surrounded by lush natural beauty with pools, gardens, and meditation spaces, guided meditation, mindful movement, and yoga, a spa indulgence, Balinese performing arts, cultural ceremonies, monkey forest sanctuary and coffee plantation tours, Ubud Palace, sacred temples, rice terracesand local villages,personal reflection time for journaling, relaxing in the pool, watching the sunset over a volcano,art and cultural galleries and museums,and exploration time for shopping Bali's wonderful arts and crafts: handmade carved wood, metalwork, clothing and textiles, musical instruments, jewelry, etc.,



Check out these photo tours of Bali and sample possible retreat activities:


Ten-Day Bali Retreat Experience

Ubud Meditation Retreat Center

Seminyak Beach Resort

Optional Adventures in Bali


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Mira Tessman and Juliana Heath

Mira is a mindfulness meditation teacher, yoga instructor, and psychotherapist in the Baltimore area.   She fell in love with Bali on a retreat and travel adventure, spring 2015.  Juliana traveled with Mira in Bali too and she works for Australian Justice Services.  For this mother and daughter team, they are so excited to share their love of Bali; a dream come true!


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